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Warwick Warp was founded as a spin-off from the University of Warwick. Its founders included Professor Roland Wilson from the Signal and Image Processing Research Group in the Department of Computer Science. Professor Wilson's research group is widely known as one of the best of its kind in the UK and has earned international recognition.

Warwick Warp was born out of an interest in three dimensional distortion or "warping" of fingerprints. Distortion can occur when a print is collected either intentionally, such as at a port of entry, or forensically from the scene of a crime. This problem, and others such as low image contrast, scars and cuts can make fingerprint matching a very difficult process. By taking a new, inventive approach, Warwick Warp's novel and patent protected mathematical modelling technology that can neutralise these effects and substantially improve the success rate of fingerprint matching.

This completely new approach to fingerprint matching exceeds established accuracy benchmarks and delivers ultra-high accuracy for all types of fingerprints. The performance has been independently verified (NIST PFT and ELFT tests) as being among the most accurate available. Warwick Warp's algorithms deal especially well with low-quality or partial fingerprints including: shift distortion, rotation distortion, elastic distortion, scratches, low contrast, smudges, problem skin types and low minutiae counts.

We specialise in developing innovative software products that enable integrators and developers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint matching into their solutions. The fingerprint matching technology is made available as Software Development Kits (SDK) and SDK has been optimised to address the requirements of specific markets: AFIS, police (latent prints) and standard LiveScan applications (access control etc.).


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