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Warwick Warp Latent SDK

Designed for law enforcement applications requiring automated matching of crime scene marks. With full "lights-out" mode.

The Latent SDK features an innovative modelling technology, which is unique in fingerprint identification. The technology works by applying a mathematical model to the crime scene mark, identifying features of interest, such as ridges, and features that might not be of interest, such as scratches. The idealised model captures all the salient foreground information: contrast, singularities, ridge flow, minutiae and, if required, sweat pores, in a normalised coordinate system. It rejects the unwanted information and at the same time reduces or removes distortions, by understanding and recognising the characteristics of the ridges. In effect, it recreates the print as an idealised model that essentially matches the biological reality of the finger from which the print was obtained.

As Warwick Warp's Latent SDK shares a similar technical approach to Warwick Warp's AFIS SDK the matching templates are interoperable. This means that Warwick Warp's technology enables crime scene marks to be matched against latent and AFIS databases.

Like Warwick Warp's Matcher SDK the Latent SDK can be implemented as the primary matcher or as part of a multi-path approach, either in a fusion strategy or where the lowest quality crime scene marks can be channelled to it. It can also be used as a secondary system, matching images that have previously failed to match.


  • Underlying technology independently benchmarked by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) shows that the Warwick Warp SDK provides market-leading accuracy particularly with low quality fingerprints.
  • Complimentary technical approach provides ranked matches that other AFIS technologies may not identify.
  • Interoperable template between Warwick Warp's Latent, LiveScan and AFIS SDKs allows matching across AFIS and law enforcement databases.
  • Creates an idealised model of the crime scene mark, with the unique features preserved. This enables a significant improvement in matching speed and accuracy for low quality crime scene marks.
  • Designed to be added to existing systems to perform independent and secondary checking for discovery of duplicate identities or matches not previously found.
  • Highly scalable, maintaining its performance as the print database increases in size and is therefore suitable for large and small-scale applications.
  • Support ''lights out'' mode as well as manual mark up by fingerprint experts.

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